3 Lazy-Proof Ways To Boost Productivity

There is one condition that everyone will experience in their lifetime: laziness. Students with looming deadlines, CEOs of major companies and even stay-at-home parents will find themselves watching TV instead of doing urgent tasks at some point. Thankfully. there are three lazy-proof ways to boost your productivity.

Disrupt Your Lazy Habits

If the first thing you do when you come home from work is crash on the sofa and turn on the TV, you may be wasting valuable hours in the evening. Similarly, if you're constantly checking and updating your Facebook profile while at work you're unlikely to win employee of the month. Make it harder to indulge in your lazy habits. If you have tasks to do in the evening, unplug your TV at night. If Facebook is getting more attention than your workload, delete the app from your phone or suggest to your company that they block the site.

Start Your Day With Your Most Challenging Task

It is human nature to put off the most challenging or dreaded task until last. Instead, try tackling them first thing in the morning as you're more likely to complete them with a refreshed mind. Completing a difficult task will also motivate you for the rest of the day. Procrastinating inevitably ends up with an important task being put off until another day.

Take Regular Breaks From Tasks

Try to have an enforced break every hour or so when carrying out a task. A quick walk around the office, a cup of tea or stretch at your desk can boost performance. Time lost to a quick break will be quickly made up with a refreshed mind.