Home Touches that Really Make a Difference

Here are some simple ideas to bring a touch of the new season into your home, without breaking a sweat or the bank.


Nothing says spring better than a bunch of daffodils or some vibrant tulips, so why not treat yourself to a few lovely things to put them in? There are so many beautiful vases available, to suit every taste and every budget. Choose a really special, handmade vase and you can keep it on display even when you don’t have flowers to fill it.


New cushions are a simple and easy way to bring a new colour or a different pattern to your sitting room or bedroom. Again, with the huge range of sizes, styles and prices, it isn’t hard to find the perfect choice for you. You could just buy the covers, but lovely, new, plump cushions look so inviting!


It’s quite easy to get used to your lighting as a purely functional thing, but take a fresh look at your lamps - lampshades especially can get quite tired. Why not go for a new shape or style in a striking colour to see your rooms in a new light?

Photograph Frames

Print out some new photos of your favourite people and choose some lovely new frames to put them in. Hang them on the wall or stand them on your shelves, windowsills or side tables. Pretty frames are a lovely way to jazz things up a bit.