Simple Tricks To Save On Flights

Sometimes looking for cheap airline tickets can leave you feeling more frustrated and confused than you were before you even started. Knowing where to look is the stepping stone to getting an air ticket at a discounted rate.

The First Step to Getting Cheap Flights

Whilst it is tempting to look at the deals offered by big-name airlines, it’s rare that you will find your best option there. Comparison sites such as Skyscanner, Expedia and Travel Supermarket let you enter your criteria and then compare them with airlines big and small. You can even find specialist sites if you are looking to fly as a last-minute deal. It’s always wise to look at a number of comparison sites - after all, not all of them will include the same results.

Search Options

Most comparison sites give you the option to enter more specific details, which allows you to filter your search. If your flying date isn’t set in stone, you can use the flexible date option, which will show you if there are any cheaper flights during that week. Some even allow you to choose a flight month and will highlight the cheapest time to fly. You can also look at prices for return and one-way flights - sometimes using two one-way flights will work out cheaper than a return.

Search Around for Cheap Flights

As with most bookings, the best way of securing a low-cost flight is to book early. Prices fluctuate, so if you find a good deal, book it. Travel agents may also be able to help due to the discounted costs that aren’t available to the public.